Personal Training

Do you live in the Toronto area, or are you visiting? Want to train with me in person? Whether you are looking for something long term or a 1 session fling, I’d be more than happy to help.

Distance Coaching

Want to reach your goals but can’t work with me in person?

Online Coaching is a great way to receive effective programming, support and accountability to help you reach your goals.

Whether your goal is competing in Powerlifting, overcoming an injury, getting stronger, or just training consistently without second guessing the process, I’d love to do the thinking for you!

Skype Consultation

A 1 hour consultation with me is the perfect time to talk about any topic of your choosing. Whether you want to look at your lifting technique, discuss the art and science of training, talk about competing in Powerlifting or simply chat about what Star Wars film is the best, this is the option for you.