Your success, my priority.

“My goal for all my clients is for them to not need me one day.” Click below to learn about what I mean by that.

How can I help?

Training should make your life better. Let’s chat about what that will look like for you. 

Who This is For:

Do you want to feel better? Get stronger? Gain muscle? Compete in powerlifting? To reach your goals in a safe and sustainable way, it helps to have someone in your corner. If you are looking for personalized coaching, a program that is based around you and your goals and a training process that is built around your lifestyle and long term success then I’d love to hear from you!

Why will this work for you?

“Performance” is defined by you. 
For a Powerlifter, it can be as simple as hitting a new record in competition. 
To someone in pain it looks like being able to move pain free.
For a person looking to maintain their independence and quality of life, it can be as simple as carrying groceries or walking up the stairs.
In all of those examples, we look at where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. We then come up with a simple, effective training process that is based around you and your lifestyle and we start with the first step that you are willing and able to take.
If all of that sounds good to you, I’d love to talk about how we can work together to help you accomplish your goals in a safe and sustainable way.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Paul Hynes and I love helping people become stronger people. I’m a strength and conditioning coach at Stay Gold and a personal trainer in Toronto, Ontario. As a former art school nerd that now found his calling in fitness, I hold certifications through Strongfirst and compete in Powerlifting.
When I’m not lifting heavy things or coaching wonderful people from all walks of life, I enjoy nerding out over anything in the realm of comic books or science fiction, exploring the great outdoors and impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m still trying very hard to accomplish my goal of getting kicked out of an all you can eat sushi restaurant.
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See what people have to say about working with me.
  • “Paul was my personal trainer for four months in 2013. Having suffered numerous sports injuries it was important to me to work with a trainer who understood my movement patterns and restrictions, while still being able to design a program that would meet my goals of returning to sport and overall health improvement. Within a four month period I returned to sport three nights a week and my core strength had improved significantly. I highly recommend Paul if you are seeking a trainer who is motivating, compassionate, and caters a program around your personal goals.”

    Rosie Rosales
  • “I have a background as a collegiate strength coach but since changing careers to become a clinician I found it incredibly difficult to train with any frequency. I always had an interest in powerlifting so I sought Paul for some coaching. In just over a year’s time I went from finding it hard to train consistently to adding 150 lbs to my total.”

    Dr. Alex St. Pierre
  • “Maybe I had different reasons for wanting to hire a personal trainer, for I didn’t want to work with Paul to lose weight and even getting stronger wasn’t my primary goal. What I really hoped to gain from working with Paul was, as a trainer myself, to learn his ways. Reconnaissance. Pure, sneaky, reconnaissance. I also wanted to learn the art of hardstyle kettlebell, and had a feeling that Paul was the man for the job. I was curious to see his coaching style, how he taught, cued, and progressed exercises. I wanted to see how he interacted with his clients, how he talked to them, encouraged them, and got real with them when he needed to push them out of their comfort zone. The experience was truly inspiring. Not only did I learn to swing, clean, and snatch, like I expected I would, but I learned how to be a better coach. With Paul I felt at all times I was in the perfect balance of challenge and support. When I succeeded, I got a high five, and the bar was raised to the next challenge. When I failed, I was commended for my effort, and given an honest appraisal of what went wrong, and what I needed to do to change. I appreciated the close attention Paul pays to detail, things I may have glanced over as seemingly inconsequential, but made a big difference in my performance. My experience with Paul tells the story of a man who is truly passionate for what he does, and deeply cares for the people he works with.”

    Monika Volkmar
  • When I first came to see Paul I liked that we started the first session with a mobility assessment. This showed me that his process would be based around me and he would prescribe the right exercises for my body instead of giving me cookie cutter recommendations.

    My initial goals were to increase my Deadlift (I had a hard time breaking 300 lbs) and my Squat (I had a hard time breaking 230 lbs). Since I’ve started working with Paul, I’ve increased my Bench Press by 20 lbs, and my technique on my Squat and Deadlift has really improved. I’ve also discovered that mobility was an issue for me and learned how to address the things that were holding my lifts back. This has put me in a position at the beginning of 2017 to make serious gains.

    I go to Paul because he knows more about Powerlifting than anyone I’ve met, and he listens really well. To me, this means that I’ll make gains and keep moving towards my goals.

    Andrew Martin
  • When I started working with Paul online, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of the process. I wanted to get stronger, but I had some aches and pains that were preventing me from doing so. I was also concerned that I would just be given a program and left to my own devices.

    Right from the beginning I quickly realized that Paul was just as invested in my success as I am. I ask a lot of questions, and Paul answers all of them. It’s clear that he puts a lot time and effort into providing feedback that is easy to understand and implement.

    As for my results? Well I’m way stronger than I was before. I’ve built muscle, improved my mobility and best of all, I have experienced a big decrease in the pain in my shoulders and low back, both of which were problem areas before I started.

    I’ve really enjoyed the entire process of working with Paul. From day one it was clear how invested he is in each client’s success, and it is obvious how much effort he puts into helping them succeed. I have gained more from the process of working with Paul than I ever expected, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Michael Prisco